Having The Right Tools Needed For A Woodworking Shop

Tools of the trade

Some people see woodworking as a bit of an old fashioned trade. However, many objects we use today are made of wood so without it we would be a bit lost. Wood is used to make furniture, decorative items, packing equipment and even house frames, stairs and doors. It’s easy to forget these things when we have so many other materials to use nowadays.

“Woodwork is done professionally, but also as a hobby and to create beautiful pieces of art. Wood is a fantastic material that can create pieces of furniture, decorative items, cutlery, bowls and more. However, different machines and tools are necessary for each of these things.”

Any good carpenter needs a place to carry out his craft, which is a wood shop, and this will need to be filled with all manner of tools they will need for the job. This list of tools needed for a woodworking shop could be as long as your arm but many of them are basically added extras, there are a few essential items which you will need to set up shop though.


The hammer probably seems the most obvious tool for a carpenter so it is important that you have them readily available in your workshop. There are several different types of hammer. In addition to the basic claw style are mallets, framing hammers and sledgehammers. It is a good idea to have a couple of each type available as due to the nature of use they may possibly break over time.

“For quality woodworking, a small dead-blow hammer having a weight of one to two pounds is recommended. A rubber mallet hammer is also needed for accomplishing finishing touches crucial to avoiding scratches on the wood.”

Hand Plane

For the perfect finish on your projects it is important to have a hand plane. This will enable you to shave off small slices of wood so you can have a perfectly level, smooth finish all ready to varnish or paint.

Hand Saw

Another of the more traditional wood working tools is the hand saw. Who needs high tech machinery when you can use sweat, muscle (and sometimes blood!) to do it? For some projects, it is better to use the hand saw as opposed to machinery anyway.


Can you imagine trying to put a piece of furniture together or hang a shelving unit on the wall without a level? It might look straight to your eye but when you take a step back you find that one side is much higher than the other so you have to start all over again drilling more holes in to the wall and causing more damage.

“Most quality levels are made of either brass-edged wood or of metal. There will be a bubble reading for level, and another one for plumb. When the bubble is exactly between the lines, you have a level or plumb surface.”


Now, this isn’t the dark ages anymore and carpentry and woodwork have evolved dramatically over the years due to technological advances. Every workshop should now be fitted with a good supply of machinery which will help to make your life a bit easier and also increase your productivity. Machines such as table saws and band saws have helped to save carpenters from tired arms and make cutting certain angles or shapes a lot easier, as has the radial arm saw. For all your drilling needs there are power drills which come with a whole range of different attachments for drilling every type of hole imaginable and drill presses too. Sanding down bits of wood used to be a tiresome job but now with the introduction of belt sanders and orbital sanders your item can be stripped down within minutes.

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